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Virtual Training Program & Online Tennis Lessons


Video Lesson Annotation

Video Lesson Annotation

Still captures and video files are annotated with commentary to provide lessons and examples for junior players through online tennis lessons.

Video Analysis of Slow Motion

Video Analysis of Slow Motion

Slow motion and frame captures are used to pinpoint areas of development and highlight correct motions.

Online Communication

Online Communication

Communicate directly with coaches and experts that can provide advice through chat and video conference.

  • Real time feedback

A USPTA certified professional can watch and review videos with players online, utilizing video chat, including Skype and Google Hangouts.


  • Modern technology

Video analysis software and cameras built for action sport capture are used. Smart racket reports are reviewed, and introduction of new technology is done consistently.  


  • Various media formats

​Videos in various formats can be received and sent. GoPro cameras are used to capture on court action.


  • On your schedule, Court availability becomes a non-issue

​Lessons are available even when courts may not be, and in the evenings when clubs are closed or it is dark for outdoor play. 


  • Lessons available while traveling and at tournaments

​Lessons can be conducted on mobile devices and tablets, so even traveling tournament players can get training from their coach while on the road. 


  • Continue training if injured or feeling under

​Online virtual lessons allow players to continue to receive instruction even if they cannot physically participate. Down time just means different type of training, and doesn't necessarily leave players behind in their training. 


  • Don't depend on weather conditions

​No matter the weather, as long as there is an internet connection, lessons are available

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